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  • Kish base
  • Ahvaz base

PKMS Kish Island Logistics Base
Persia Kala by Assigned Kish Island Logistics Base that has strategic location in support of offshore drilling rigs and relevant activities.
This logistics base has specials facilities to support the projects.
1 KM distance from Kish Air Port and 4 KM distance to Port located at Industrial Zone Phase 3
This site has equipped with 5 warehouses an area of 8000 M3.
Office Building in 2 levels equipped full furnished, an area of 1400 M3
PKMS Kish Logistics Base one of the longest site in the region.
  • High quality, prompt action services in gas and oil drilling industries.
  • Providing services in high demand of international standard by reasonable cost.
  • Required equipment services for offshore services
  • Increase utilization and development of available capacities.
  • Scientific and technical support for providing required services in offshore industries.

  • The major mission of PKMS is perform all activities for offshore services, strategic management, and maintenance, renovation, and logistics services, in oil and gas industries.

  • Becoming one of the major international, authentic service provider and supplying offshore fields in this region.
  • Providing high performance services and optimal solutions with clients through technical innovation.
  • Planning and saving cost, by efficient use of machinery.
  • Employment opportunities.
  • Opening various offices in the target markets.
  • Establishment of joint enterprises with international representative at the area of operation.

Current Projects
Technical Supports, Logistics and Managements MODU Cosl Craft,Cosl Force, Cosl Strike, Oriental1 and Aban 6 in Soth Pars , Hengam, Salman Fields , from Tehran-Kish Island and U.A.E.
Administrative and Logistical activities, catering, for IOOC-POGC-IOEC Group-PEDEC-GPT Group at Greece, Tehran-U.A.E-Kish Island-Ahwaz-Mehran-Khoramshahr-Assaluyeh.

Services are provided
  • Port Services-Vessel Port Formalities-Loading-Discharging
  • Customs Clearance (Transit-Temporary-Permanent) to/from U.A.E-KFZO-IR
  •  Supply Fuel and Fresh Water
  • Hospital Services in Kish-Tehran (Hospital-Ambulance-Medical Team-Air Ambulance)
  • Providing and Managing Emergency flights MEDIVAC (Day-Night)
  • Purchase and Supply of Spare Parts and Equipment from worldwide to Kish Island and Main Land as Client requested.
  • Supply and provide all different type of Vessels, Helicopters.
  • Supply chain Project Equipment.
  • Providing land-open yard-warehouse